MM Field Guide to Australian Birds

Since 2000: a most comprehensive Australian guide despite its compact ‘pocket’ size…..over 800 species covered, including sub-species (races), many of which are more distinctive than others that are full species.

Some have in the past been classified as species, and retain widely recognized common names. This is most comprehensive of all guides for identification of these interesting variations.

Across the great distances and varied of habitats many species show variations of plumage, song and behavior that may lead in time to evolution of new species, as has occurred in the past.

Unique multi-coloured maps show the distribution of both species and subspecies, as well as approximate frequency of sightings.
This smaller format guide has been created in response to many requests for a smaller “pocket” version. the original guide has larger page size, greater weight, but includes the nests and eggs, and the birds of Australia’s island territories.