Michael Morcombe is one of Australia’s most widely read authors, who has brought enjoyment and learning to hundreds of thousands of people, young and old. For more than 40 years he has pioneered and popularised the discovery and appreciation Australia’s native animals, birds, plants and landscape.

His prolific output (nearly 50 titles) has helped raise awareness and shown generations how a little knowledge can enhance their enjoyment.

His brilliant, in-the-moment photography is immediately engaging to even the most casual eye, promising a rewarding journey. His field guides especially have been used by professional scientists, dedicated amateurs and to pique casual interest.

Other titles you may be interested in include:

Wildflowers of Australia. This app for iPhone and iPads will be available in February 2018. It will include detailed information suitable for professional use as well as a being a handy plant identifier and reference for all lovers of our unique wildflowers.  Visit the website to learn more.