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The Pocket Field Guide to the Birds of Queensland

The Michael Morcombe Pocket Field to Birdlife of Queensland s part of a pocket guide series published by Pascal Press, under the Steve Parish imprint.

You can find out more about this guide, view pages from and buy at the publisher’s website.

Books covering the other states of Australia will be released over the next year or two.

This book is also available from bookstores and other online retailers.


Regional bird books coming out now

New state-by-state bird guides are being released throughout this year, with Queensland  already available.

These easy-to-follow, detailed Guide can be enjoyed by causal visitors and birding beginners, but will also be invaluable to experts and professional ornithologists.

They are compact and light enough to be carried with you, giving you fast access to identifying images and details when and where you need them.

You can further enhance your enjoyment of these  guides by using the supplementary bonus information available only  this website, for example GPS coordinates to bird hot-spots (that you can enter into your sat-nav) and up-to-the minute new information.

This extra information will continue to be updated and expanded, continually adding to the practical value of the Guide.

State guides will be available at all good bookshops. They can also be ordered direct from the Publisher, Pascal Press (under the Steve Parish imprint): click here.